Upgrading to Textpattern CMS 4.5.7


Textpattern CMS version 4.5.7 was released toward the end of September on the ten year anniversary of the first public commit from Textpattern’s creator Dean Allen. If you’re running Textpattern already, it’s time to plan your upgrade. The process of upgrading is straightforward, and as long as you make take common sense precautions your website should be back online within a few minutes. This article will explain how to upgrade your Textpattern instance(s) to the latest version. Learn More

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SocialEngine 4: PHP Array Translate Error

Andrew - SocialEngineA few versions ago Social Engine introduced a new method to help increase the speed of the programming.

Translation Performance is meant to Convert Language Pack CSV files to a PHP Array which in-turn would help increase the time taken to read the file that language was required but this has not always for many users. Learn More

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[TomatoCart] Enable Sort Order for Products Variants Module in the Admin Panel

Some users have reported having the following problem in the community before:

I am having some issues with getting variants on products sorted correctly. I would like to have them sorted asc in Alphabetical order, but they seem to be a bit mashed up since they are sorting by ID.

How would I go about to customize toc to sort by the displayed name, rather than some ID?

Learn More

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