[TomatoCart]Integrate an elegant reviews list into your bootstrap tempate

The default layout of customer reviews isn’t very effective and can impact the user experience within your bootstrap powered TomatoCart store. For example: Learn More

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WordPress Essentials

If you are new to WordPress you may wonder, what do I need to do to setup WordPress correctly? There is no golden rule, but there are some things to do to make it function properly.

During Install Learn More

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Drupal7: Migrate Module steps and SourceMigrations

David G - DrupalIt’s no mystery I use the Migrate module alot on projects involving Drupal. Some aspects of the Migrate module can be tricky. An example of this is composing your own primary keys for legacy content that doesn’t yet have a key, another example of tricky business in Migrate-land is making use of SourceMigrations. Recently I helped someone on StackExchange make proper use of sourceMigration() method in code. Learn More

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