How to Use Toad for SQL to Connect to an Arvixe SQL Database

There are many tools available to connect to SQL server databases but the one that I find the easiest to use is Toad for SQL. The product has many features and options that make it an asset to any developer’s arsenal. Obviously Dell thought the same thing and with the purchase of Quest they received a great product. This article is not to try and sell a product, but to show you how to use the product in connecting to an Arvixe SQL Server database. If you want to try the product then you can get it here.

After you create the database and user from the Control Panel then start Toad for SQL Server and select File –> New –> Connection (See figure 1) Learn More

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How to Setup for Webmail in cPanel

It may seem like a minor thing to some people, but the default webmail redirect on linux accounts is http://<YOUR_DOMAIN>.com/webmail .
Some people prefer or insist on using http://mail.<YOUR_DOMAIN>.com/ . This article will describe how to set that up.

Start by logging into your cPanel.

The first step from there is to delete the current DNS entry for You can do this through the Advanced DNS Editor: Learn More

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How to Change the Admin News Feed in Social Engine

First, you need to find out what rss feed you would rather look at other than Social Engines. I chose for this example. This means you can have the more important Feeds direct to your panel without leaving your site.

Go to /application/modules/Core/widgets/admin-news and open Controller.php find the line Learn More

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