How to Use Silex Loaders

Thanks to Pascal Roë d’Albert you’ll find below a tutorial to explain how to use Silex loaders.

Here are different loaders designed by Pascal. You can use it in your website powered by Silex. Learn More

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How to Make a Backup of Your Hosting Space with WebsitePanel

On a previous post we talked about how to make a simple backup of your files. It is a good guide, however it only backups the files of the files you select. What if you need a full backup of everything, including FTP accounts or database users? For that reason in this article I will give you a step by step guide on how to make a backup of your hosting space with WebsitePanel

1. Log into WebsitePanel.

2. Click on your ASP hosting class: Learn More

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How to Install Silverstripe 2.4 Manually

This post is for users who want to install Silverstripe 2.4 manually.

  1. Go to and download the latest 2.4.x installation files.
  2. Upload the zipped file to your website root folder using cPanel’s File manager or your FTP program Learn More
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