Exception #1381152548 in Elgg

Exception #1381152548 is one of the most confusing problems in elgg. It doesn’t tell you what went wrong with the network and there’s few documentation on how to fix this. In this article I will give you a step by step guide on how to fix Exception #1381152548 in elgg Learn More

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[Zurmo] Run Console Commands on Arvixe PersonalClass Shared Webhost

Zurmo CRM administrators and developers often need access to Zurmo’s built-in console commands in order to perform common maintenance and upgrade tasks. This can often be problematic in a shared hosting environment where shell access is often restricted and/or the applications are auto-installed using tools like Softaculous.

In this article, you will learn how to tweak your Zurmo instance that was auto-installed using Softaculous via cpanel in order to run the zurmoc command line utility and execute maintenance scripts against your Zurmo application instance and database. Learn More

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Issues When Trying to Use Multipart-Form Data with Jquery AJAX Forms

Let me first set the background for this discussion. I have a client that wants to ask for some information like name, address, education, etc. and wants them to attach a document. They want the content form and the file to be attached to an email and sent to a recipient. At first this seemed no problem but then the requirements where added that required all of this to happen using jquery and ajax. (This seems more professional) This completely changed everything. This article along with the next few articles will go through the thought process of some “catchas” and how they were solved. I realize that someone might have a better “mousetrap” but this is how I accomplished it. I spent a lot of time on Google and reading a lot. Articles like… Learn More

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