How to Make Static Profiles in Elgg 1.8

On a previous post I talked about how to make static profiles in elgg 1.7 However, it involved editing code and it wasn’t a clean solution. For that reason I decided to develop a solution, without having to edit existing code or write a new one. In this article I will give you a step by step guide on how to create static profiles in Elgg 1.8

1. First,  log into your elgg network as an Admin and go to the Administration Dashboard. Then go to Menu “Configure->Appearance->Default Widgets”: Learn More

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How can I increase deliverability of my mailing list

DISCLAIMER: If you plan on sending unsolicited emails or have bought an “opt-in” list somewhere, the below is not your guide. If any of your visitors are not expecting your emails, you are spamming. The below guide is meant for individuals and companies who are sending emails to a list of emails that expect their emails and wish to increase their deliverability rate. 

Arvixe does not allow sending of bulk emails (solicited or unsolicited) on our shared hosting accounts. The guide below would govern for VPS and Dedicated Customers.

Even if you have compiled the list of emails yourself by individually asking your customers, due to heavy restrictions placed on incoming email threasholds at larger providers, you can see your emails being deferred or completely bouned with 0% spam being identified/reported/detected. The below set of recommendations, ensures that you are doing everything in your power to increase the deliverability of your emails to the major email providers –

IP Reputation

Make sure your IP is clean to begin with. In most systems, unless you’ve made specific modifications, regardless of the IP of your website, the IP you are sending from is the main IP of the environment. You can use websites such as to identify whether the IP is already on any blacklists. Once you’ve identified that you have a clean IP, you need to start building your sending reputation. There are many organizations that attempt to track IP reputation and make the information publicly available such as –

Learn More

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How to Prevent the Shopping Cart Logging Out Automatically in TomatoCart

Some community users face the following problem:

  1. The shopping cart logs me out of the store section if I remain idle for 15 minutes.
  2. The shopping cart logs me out of the store section if I sleep and wake the computer.

After thinking about it, it is necessary to let the store owner sets this time duration in the admin panel. It means the store owner could decide how much time to make the shopping cart logout automatically.

A simple way to resolve your issue via modifying the code as follows:

— Find the session.php in ‘includes/classes’ directory.

— Find the following code: Learn More

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