Send Email Using jQuery and Web.API (Part 1)

Every site no matter how small contains the ability to submit emails. These emails can be for contacting, notifying, fulfilling or subscribing to something. Since the world of AJAX, jquery, and other frameworks have been adopted by “main” stream companies, it seems archaic for a site to request the information and then to hit a submit button and for the complete page to be sent off to the server for processing. In fact, I think that all sites that have emailing of something should be required to use state-less, a sync processing. In this exercise I am going to show you how simple it is to be able to create a standing library that can be modified quickly to fit just about any email requirement. Once this is implemented you will be able to alter this library and have a real professionally done email submitting process. Learn More

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How to add a domain pointer on website panel 2.0


This is how to add a domain pointer on ASP hosting, specifically servers that use 2012 (our newer deployments)

1) Click on domains (1), You’ll also know if you’re on 2.0, as the website panel version in the bottom right will say 2.x.x (2)

2) Click add a new domain

3) Select Domain

4) Enter the domain name, select point to existing site, then click add

Screen Shot 2014-02-17 at 4.59.18 PM

5) Done!

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How to Enable the Check-In Feature in phpFox v3.5

This article will focus on showing you how to enable the check in feature that is new in phpFox 3.5.

Login to your Admincp, and select Settings > Manage Settings from the menu.


On the Settings page, under Module Settings, select Core. Learn More

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