Behavior and Policy in Alfresco

There are various instances when we had a requirement in Alfresco in which we need to do certain operation based on particular events like node creation, node deletion etc… First Obvious solution which comes to our mind is Rules. Create rules with business logic embedded in it and invoke those rules when event occur. But it has certain limitations like it cannot be bind with certain service APIs or certain Events like download and view content. For instance we want to keep track of number of times document is viewed we cannot use any rule to meet this requirement. Do not worry we have a feature called behavior which comes to rescue. Learn More

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Customer Satisfaction Survey – September 2013

Thanks again for those who completed the customer satisfaction surveys. We appreciate your participation and feedback.

3538 surveys were sent. Out of 461 survey responses the average rating was 8.6356 and 92.19% of our customers would recommend us.

The winner this month of the Galaxy Tab 3 is Scott E from Congratulations Scott, and awesome website. Thank you for taking the time out to fill out our survey!

Interested in seeing the results we’ve gotten from our survey, as well as some of the feedback? Check out our results page at

Lastly, as always, if YOU have feedback that you want heard or you need any help at all, email our Quality Assurance department so we can help out! QA [at] arvixe [dot] com. We’re committed to improving and being the best we can, and we can’t make that possible without your help, so thank you!

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