Using AJAX to Send Multipart Form

In my continuing detailed blogs in reference to Issues when trying to use multipart form data with jquery ajax forms, I want to talk about using AJAX to send Multipart forms. Although you might think that sending multipart data is the akin to sending data using Jquery and web.api, you would be very wrong. In many ways it is more difficult. In the simplest explanation, processing a multipart form is like building the data transport between the client and the server from scratch. Most of the time you could just put the field names and values in a JSON syntax or something similar and just pass it to the server for processing. However; with multipart forms you are not only sending the additional attributes but you are sending an actual file. This means that your server side web service, api, or MVC must get the object in a way that it can understand both the attributes and the file. Learn More

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Behavior and Policy in Alfresco

There are various instances when we had a requirement in Alfresco in which we need to do certain operation based on particular events like node creation, node deletion etc… First Obvious solution which comes to our mind is Rules. Create rules with business logic embedded in it and invoke those rules when event occur. But it has certain limitations like it cannot be bind with certain service APIs or certain Events like download and view content. For instance we want to keep track of number of times document is viewed we cannot use any rule to meet this requirement. Do not worry we have a feature called behavior which comes to rescue. Learn More

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