How to Make Money On WordPress With This Plugin

WordPress is great for multi-users and for creating blog sites. But what if you want to monetize it so you can charge for subscriptions? There are some plugins available, this one we found to be not only free, but fully featured. Of all the ones tested, this was the most complete out-of-the-box, and had the most documentation, with over 50 help videos. The documentation is excellent, but I found the first few steps to be time consuming with trial and error. Here is a quick-start guide to s2Member:

Step 1: Installation

Installation is the same simple installation that all the WordPress plugins use. Go to “Add New” under the Plugin section of the administrator dashboard. Search for s2Member®. Choose to install it and it’s done. The s2Member menu will be added to the dashboard: Learn More

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SocialEngine: Incorrect Configuration

SocialEngine: Incorrect Configuration

Many SocialEngine users have this issue during upgrade or in package manager.

Your session configuration is incorrect and could not be automatically corrected. Please set session.save_handler=files and session.save_path=/tmp (or your temporary directory on non-Linux OSes. Learn More

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How to Embed YouTube Videos With the Wire in Elgg 1.8

The wire is a tool that lets your users share content with everybody. However, if you want to share a YouTube video, only a link will appear, instead of the actual video. I saw this issue some time ago and I decided to enhance the wire to truly let you share YouTube videos. In this article I will give a step by step guide on How to embed YouTube videos with the Wire in Elgg 1.8

1. First, download this tool I developed called Wiretube for elgg 1.8 here Learn More

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