Content Search in Alfresco

For any CMS after storing all the contents in the repository it is equally important to make it available to external systems in secure way. Alfresco has very robust and flexible architecture which gives various different ways to access and manipulate its repository in secure manner. There are various different set of extension points to alfresco repository.

RESTFul Services can be checked through following URL in your local Alfresco installation Learn More

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Send Multipart Data without Using HTML5 FormData

In my previous article I discussed the process of building a FormData object and sending it to the server using Jquery. This is great but what if you are building this site to be used by a browser that does not recognize DataForm objects. You need to know which browsers allow it then look here.
You have a couple of options.
1. You could simply check to see if the browser allows it and if not, then you redirect them to a different form. Learn More

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Improving Your TomatoCart Store’s Performance – Boost TomatoCart Speed


It’s significant to improve your store’s performance to satisfy the visitor who may become your next customer.  The web users often navigate away from sites that take an average of 3 seconds or longer to load. It means you are losing the potential customers. Learn More

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