Installing Textpattern: Running the Browser Installer

Continuing with the Textpattern CMS installation tutorial series, it’s now time to run the installer from the browser. The core Textpattern files have been copied to the web server, the database has been setup correctly and now the main installer can start. Before you start the installation, you will need to note down the following details from the database creation stage:

  • Database name
  • Database user
  • Database user password

The install process is straightforward and shouldn’t cause you any problems, but you will be asked for the details above fairly early on. If you do encounter any issues, start a topic in the Arvixe forums

or Textpattern forums. Learn More

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Content Search in Alfresco

For any CMS after storing all the contents in the repository it is equally important to make it available to external systems in secure way. Alfresco has very robust and flexible architecture which gives various different ways to access and manipulate its repository in secure manner. There are various different set of extension points to alfresco repository.

RESTFul Services can be checked through following URL in your local Alfresco installation Learn More

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