Drupal Webform 4.x Submission Download as PDF

I’ve been messing around a lot with custom displays, webforms and output lately with my departmental project. Learn More

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CMS Made Simple – Smarty Foreach Loops Made Simple, Part 2

CMS Made Simple Beyond the Basics – Do More with Foreach Loops

CMS Made Simple releases 1.11 (released July 28, 2012) and newer use the version 3 Smarty Template Engine. This introduced some new functionality and features to developers. Among the benefits is the ability to write a shortened version of the foreach loop. Learn More

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Create Scheduled Job in Alfresco

Sometimes we have requirements where we need to do certain processes or set of operations on a regular basis. It could be archival of contents or processing of existing documents in Alfresco repository to generate some reports, or another case is where you had a bunch of documents dropped by users on a shared drive and you want to upload them into Alfresco every day automatically to manage them easily. The possibilities are endless. Alfresco uses this kind of scheduled job for content archival and purging. Learn More

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