Changing a Members Status in Dolphin Pro

In today’s blog I’ll show you how to change a members “status” in Dolphin Pro. The 5 default statuses are “Unconfirmed”, “Approval”, “Active”, “Rejected” and “Suspended”.

Start by logging into the Dolphin Pro admin and clicking “Members” on the left bar menu. Learn More

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Running Basic SQL Queries

In this article I will explain about basic SQL queries. I will show the most used, to select the necessary information, to edit data, delete and order detailed information. Learn More

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Edit Carousel in OpenCart home page

If you install vanilla OpenCart it contains small sample data which consist of some sample products, just to give you idea how does your actual products will look like at various screens. Normally you want to go and replace those products with your actual products before you go live.

One of the major component on home page is “Carousel” which highlights certain products on home screen. You defiantly want to replace those products with those which you are important for you. You may also want to add more products to carousal so that it looks full  because out of box it just contains two products, so it kind of look empty. Learn More

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