How To Publish A Page On WordPress

Pages are different from blog posts in that they are static pages outside the flow of chronologically organized posts. Pages often form the main navigation to sections of your site that tend not to change. These can be as basic as an About Us page or a Contact Page or it could include a whole series of articles and sub-pages that reside off of higher order pages within your site navigation structure. Writing a page in the WordPress editor is similar to writing a post. After clicking the Page tab, click on the Add New link to begin writing a new page, or the All Pages link to view and manage your current list of pages. Learn More

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Path Query in Alfresco

In previous two posts we had discussed about significance of query in content management system, different types of queries supported by Alfresco, XPath Query in detail, ISO encoding of filename during XPath query creation.

In this article, I am going to introduce you to one more type of query supported by Alfresco that is Lucene Path Queries. This is similar to XPath query but it has many advantages over XPath query. So, let us explore that.



This query always start with “PATH” key word and then drill down path of particular folder under which we want to search the documents. The path to a node is the trail of QNames of the child relationships to get to the node.


For Instance if we want to navigate to following folder structure through our query we can create Path Query as follow.

To find all nodes at any depth below “Following Email Templates” including that folder


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Drupal7: Recipe to save Webform2PDF pdfs to server directory

David G - DrupalProblem:

A website blew up on me (I think due to human error). This site was built quickly in ~2 weeks and uses the Webform module to collect academic references for incoming students for research programs. While the site was built quickly, I do use for example the Backup and Migrate module to routinely backup the website at least daily. But, the site got hosed, and there were 150+ webform submissions which I did not know if the client had successfully used Webform2PDF default PDF mechanism to archive all the submissions to PDF… I wanted to generate every single webform submission as a PDF and store it on the server, and email the client all these PDFs as insurance while we triage the site problems and possibly reset the webapp to an initial known state. Read on to see how I save all webform submissions as PDFs using contributed modules to automate the process.

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