[TomatoCart] Show Book Now Button Instead of Add to Cart Button While Product is Out of Stock

You may need to show the book now button instead of add to cart button for the out of stock product.  In this article, I will show the steps to achieve it for the bootstrap template.

Step 1. Import a language definition for book now button. Learn More

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Hide the Article Titles in Joomla

If you want to hide the title of your article in Joomla 3, you can do it easily. In this article I will explain How to hide the article titles in Joomla. Follow these steps:  Learn More

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Build a Captcha using jQuery and Web API (Part 1)

If you search the internet for implementing a captcha using jquery, you will find many options (here) but none (that I can find) that use web.api and without cookies. Furthermore; allowing images to be refreshed without a full post back and all of this using encryption to prevent hacking the code. That is why I wrote this article. I love trying new things and having lots of options. I am sure there are other ways of doing this but this is from the ground up. I do need to give credit for the image creating from here. Thanks bpell where ever you are. It is important to realize that you could add any image creator at this point. The important part of this is that it returns an image in the form of a memory stream. I found his to work just fine for now. With the credits already given let’s get started. Learn More

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