Custom Behavior in Alfresco

In Previous article I have explain about Behavior and Policies in Alfresco. Now in this Article I am going to explain how to implement Custom Behavior with one example. We have a requirement where we want to keep track of number of time a document is viewed in this case we cannot use any rule we are going to use behavior . We will have one property which will keep track of number of time documents is viewed value of that property will be incremented each time anyone view the document. We can achieve this by following below steps.

Step 1: Learn More

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Moderating Elgg

Due to even more aggressive spam accounts, in this article I will give some tips on how to moderate elgg to protect your elgg site and our servers. Learn More

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Zurmo – Customizing & Configuring Your Dashboard – Adding a Portlet

Your Dashboard in Zurmo is just that! It’s yours! It is customizable to your needs and the customizations are easy to accomplish.

First, make sure you are on your Dashboard page by selecting the Dashboard option. Learn More

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