mojoPortal News: mojoPortal Now Supports HTML5 & CSS3!

One of the best features of mojoPortal as a content management system is the ease with which you can apply a custom skin, to implement a unique look and feel designed specifically for the needs of your client. As of version, mojoPortal supports HTML5 & CSS3. Let’s explore what that means for designers and developers.

From the announcement about this enhancement to mojoPortal, as mentioned here: “including better support for use of newer html 5 structural elements (like article, nav, and aside) configured from In these example skins we are using article and header for HTML Content and blog features and aside for page and blog side columns as well as nav to wrap the menus and paging links.” Learn More

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Editing Global Settings Part 5: Mail Settings

This article will focus on editing your site’s Mail settings.  These settings include choosing a method for sending mail and editing your site’s email signature, account, and display name.

First you want to log into your phpFox Admincp. Once there, select Settings, then Manage Settings from the menu.

Learn More

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