Overview of TomatoCart v2.0 Features

In 2012, especially late 2012, the TomatoCart core team have been working on maintaining and fixing the solution while concentrating on developing TomatoCart 2.0.

Features of TomatoCart 2.0, would include: Learn More

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Return Binary Image Using Web Api and Knockout.js

If you have a SQL database that has an image field  in a particular table and want to return the image to the web site using web API’s then you almost have to extract the image as binary, read it to a memory stream and then save it temporarily on the server.  Pass the location back to the web page where the web page then displays the image.

What if you don’t want to create a temporary file or what if you have a lot of images for a particular product you know the user is not going to look at all of them, but since they could you’re left to run through this process anyway.  Here is another way you could do this.  Instead of creating a temporary file just stream the image back in the way of a string.  Then let your browser convert it to the binary image equivalent. Learn More

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How to Change Read/Write Permissions with WebsitePanel

On a previous article, we talked about how to change file permissions in Website Panel. However, it was still confusing for our users, and even now users doesn’t seem to understand how the file permissions work under Website Panel. For that reason in this article I will explain further how to change read/write permissions

1. Log into WebsitePanel and go to the File Manager to browser your files/folders: Learn More

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