Create Range Query in Alfresco

In my post content Modeling in Alfresco we had seen that alfresco supports metadata of different data types like string, integer, and date. Also in this earlier post we had seen how content search work in alfresco.

In content search post we have also learnt about content search in Alfresco repository. Most of the time we need to deal with Lucene queries in order to search though the repository. Now for properties with different data type needs to be handled differently while generating query. Here I am going to show explain you two type of queries where generally developers face difficulties. Learn More

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Backing up Your Textpattern Database Remotely

If you’ve been following my previous posts on Textpattern CMS, you should now know what to do to install it on Arvixe hosting. Before we delve into creating and managing content, this is the perfect time for me to show you how to backup your Textpattern database. The database contains content (articles, links, comments), organisational scaffolding (sections, tags, categories), presentational markup (pages, forms and styles) plus some settings and other things. In short: it’s important you back up this database. Learn More

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Manually Ordered Blog Articles

Suppose you want to display the documents in your Articles blog in a certain order on the blog’s home page or in a menu. Maybe you also want to periodically change that order manually.

If you want to order regular Resources displayed with a Wayfinder menu or a getResources tag, you can drag them in the tree to the order you want and tell the snippet to order them by menuindex. Learn More

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