Customer Satisfaction Survey – Feburary 2013

Well we’re at it again!

We’ve had another month of truly successful surveys and we’re happy to report that we’ve got a winner. Before we dive into who won this month though, let’s see the results!

We sent out roughly 3,600 surveys this month. Our average service rating (scale of 1-10) was a 8.63 and 94% of our surveyed customers would recommend us to their friends.

We definitely want to see that rating go up and we’re going to actively working on making that happen, but we’re very pleased that so many of our customers would recommend us to others!

Now, for the fun part; Congratulations Robert with from New Jersey on winning a brand new Galaxy Tab 2!

Thank you and everyone else who participated in our survey and we can’t wait for next month.

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mojoPortal Tips: Using Inline Content Editing

One of the coolest features to be added to mojoPortal recently (as of is the inline editing feature. It’s clean, simple and easy, but it can be slightly confusing at first. Let’s review how the new inline editing feature works, and what to watch for.

One of the few “gotchas” of using the inline editing feature is how to save real-time updates, without triggering the content approval process (even if it’s not turned on for that page or site).  Log into your mojoPortal site as an administrator, and navigate to a page where you’d like to test the inline editing function of your HTML feature. Look at the bottom of the page; do you see “Work in progress”, or “Live Content” on your administration bar? If you see “Work in progress”, it’ll automatically trigger a content approval process, even though you’re an administrator on the page. Learn More

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