[Bootstrap]Featured or Saled Banner Weren’t Shown in the New Products Module

In bootstrap template, the products will be displayed in the new products module as follow: Learn More

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[WHMCS] Auto Currency Update Failed

A huge advantage of doing business online is the ability to target customers on a global scale. To better accommodate those international clients it is always a good idea to offer multiple currencies and if possible have these currencies automatically update themselves.

Sadly ECB (The Company WHMCS uses to update the currencies automatically) has recently changed their system without notifying WHMCS leaving all automatic currency conversions in WHMCS temporarily broken until the next version. Learn More

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OpenCart – SMTP vs PHP MAIL

Okay so here we go! This is a very hot topic on the Opencart forums so I wanted to write my own ideas on the matter to try and separate fact from fiction and hopefully point/guide you in the right direction. Email is clearly a very important aspect of any business whether it be online or offline but especially if the majority of your business comes from online sales. First, let’s look at what SMTP and MAIL are.

What is SMTP? Learn More

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