Checking Database Type of a Field in Drupal

Recently I was asked how to check if a particular field in is stored as an INT(11) in a database. The user requested a function to do this check for any field. So I looked into the Drupal API to figure something out. I derived 2 possible solutions:

Solution 1: Some Drupal API + MySQL queries Learn More

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Browse Files with IIS Manager

The WebsitePanel hosting account allows you to remotely manage your website with IIS Manager. In this article I will give you a step by step guide on how to browse files with IIS Manager Learn More

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Preserving Your MODX Top Menu Structure

It’s relatively easy to modify the MODX Manager’s Top Menu Structure. Maybe you’ve put the options in a different order so the ones you use often are at the top. Or maybe you’ve moved some subitems to the main menu bar so you can get at them without dropping down a menu. Learn More

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