Browse Files with IIS Manager

The WebsitePanel hosting account allows you to remotely manage your website with IIS Manager. In this article I will give you a step by step guide on how to browse files with IIS Manager Learn More

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Preserving Your MODX Top Menu Structure

It’s relatively easy to modify the MODX Manager’s Top Menu Structure. Maybe you’ve put the options in a different order so the ones you use often are at the top. Or maybe you’ve moved some subitems to the main menu bar so you can get at them without dropping down a menu. Learn More

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Install Textpattern with Softaculous

Installing Textpattern CMS the manual way is pretty straightforward. The process, however easy or difficult you find it, it a one involving many steps. For users of a technical and/or curious persuasion, this might be a good fit, while other folks might be dreading the downloading, uploading, databases and config files. There is another option, that lets you install Textpattern to your Arvixe hosting with far less work involved. You don’t need to mess with any of the FTP stuff, any databases or config files: you just click a few things and the magic will happen. This option is brought to you by Softaculous

, a package installed that integrates with Arvixe’s implementation of cPanel for a very easy installation process. Learn More

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