OpenCart – How Auto-Complete Works

This is an article about yet another Opencart application that is used all of the time but rarely discussed. The AUTO COMPLETE is used to quickly and easily locate an item in your catalog and fill it in an INPUT FIELD. This is done using Ajax/ Jquery / PHP. We will give you an example of a basic Auto Fill flow and will of course tell you where to locate it.

Open /admin/controller/catalog/product.php and find this code: Learn More

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Trusted Users and Reports in Elgg

On a previous article I showed some tools that you can use for moderating your elgg network. In this article I will give you a step by step guide on how to use two of those tools (Trusted Users and Trusted Reports) and fight automated spammers. Learn More

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Override Symbols Limit in OxWall

This video will teach you how to override the 50,000 symbols barrier in blogs and forums on OxWall websites Learn More

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