mojoPortal Tips: mojoPortal International Resources

Even though the primary architect of mojoPortal is a native English speaker, there are definitely resources available for users and developers who are more comfortable communicating in other languages – let’s cover the options that are currently available.

Dedicated Communities Learn More

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Arvixe and OSTraining!

OSTraining explains how to use top rated software to create your perfect website! They make it simple and easy to understand, whether you are just starting or have been in the business for years! Companies from Apple to IBM, Yale to The White House, and many more all use OSTraining to get ahead of the game! Now that Arvixe and OSTraining are working together, it’s your turn! Learn More

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Test Email Delivery Methods in web.config Using

Among the most common items in a web site is the implementation of email.  There are many ways of implementing email from a web site.  You can use a multitude of technologies to accomplish this.  This article is not to discuss different methods but to look at one method which is  You could just set the settings (server, login, password, etc) in code and use the standard SMTP code that so many sites put together, however; I have found this to be cumbersome when you are deploying the site to production.  Furthermore; after you publish to production any further testing will mingle the production emails among the testing emails.  So what can you do to make this an easier transition?  If you are familiar with VS 2012 transformation then you can see where I am going.  If not then be prepared to learn something new today. Learn More

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