OpenCart – SMTP vs PHP MAIL

Okay so here we go! This is a very hot topic on the Opencart forums so I wanted to write my own ideas on the matter to try and separate fact from fiction and hopefully point/guide you in the right direction. Email is clearly a very important aspect of any business whether it be online or offline but especially if the majority of your business comes from online sales. First, let’s look at what SMTP and MAIL are.

What is SMTP? Learn More

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Selecting Resources to Summarize on Your Home Page

Say you’re not particularly tech-savvy client wants to select Resources manually to promote on the Home page with a teaser. You could create a Custom Manager Page (CMP) that lets the client select (and de-select) the pages, but writing a CMP is a fairly challenging process.

You could write code that adds options to the right-click menu in the Resource Tree to add and remove resources from the list, but that’s even more challenging than creating a CMP. Learn More

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Working with Leech Protect using cPanel

With the help of Leech Protect option, you will be able to protect your user accounts from unauthorized access. As soon as the cPanel detects that an account has been compromised then it will automatically redirect either to a URL or suspend the account depending upon the settings.

(1) Scroll down cPanel, locate Security navigation tab and select Leech Protect option. You will view Leech Protect Directory Selection dialog. Learn More

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