How to Convert Your Primary ocPortal Menu to a Full Width Dropdown Menu

dropdown menuOne change I like to make on most of the sites I build using ocPortal is to convert the standard menu to be a full width dropdown menu. Using this type of menu gives you a great deal of flexibility in the long term as your site grows, and allows you the freedom of being able to expand your primary navigation if you need to.

ocPortal includes the coding, and there are CSS styles for the elements within the global.css file. You will probably want to change the CSS style if this is to be used on your main navigation.  I also like to move the menu further down the website design, to give me a little more freedom for my logo and header information. Learn More

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How to Set Default Language in Web.config

Having an asp app available in multiple languages is very good to reach a good audience. However you might want to set a default language so that it can be changed later by visitors. In this article I will give you a step by step guide on How to Set default language in web.config.

1. Open the web.config file of your application. Learn More

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Building a Theme for the Extended ‘Page Type’ in SilverStripe

As we made HomePage.php Page we added two fields to the page type + the one that’s always in pagetype the content. In this tutorial I will tell you how to use them in theme and in next how to remove the content part from the CMS. So for starting lets make the theme file. Learn More

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