Popular Drupal Distributions

I wasn’t aware of Drupal distributions until the release of Open Atrium 1.x. Drupal distributions can be a very fast way to develop a website; giving you the means to tweak massive amounts of pre built-in functionality to your needs.

Drupal.org defines a distribution to be: Learn More

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Zurmo – Updating a Lead

You have just obtained more information on a “Lead” you have previously added to Zurmo and now you want to update your “Lead” with the new information. Here is a step by step guide on updating your “Lead” with your new information.

The first step is to make sure you are on your Zurmo Dashboard. By selecting the “Home” button you will be situated on your Zurmo Dashboard. Learn More

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OpenCart – Setting up Webmail

A simple guide in how to set up your webmail in Opencart. When you order your Arvixe Hosting, they actually set it up for you but it’s up to you to create your emails and to specify those within the Opencart administration.

Step One Learn More

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