mojoPortal Tips: Article Roundup

One of the ways I keep up with mojoPortal is by using Google Alerts. I’m frequently interested and amazed by some of the results that are returned to me – here’s some of the latest that have hit my in-box.

  • For the Turkish-language mojoPortal enthusiast: Gazi Böte C.M.S. has added 3 new mojoPortal tutorial videos this past week, covering installation and configuration of the mojoPortal CMS. Learn More
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How to Check if a Record Exists in SQL Database Table with PHP


Have you been in a situation where you need to check if either a phone number or a user, for example, exists in your database? When I didn’t know how to do that, I looked through several articles looking for the best and most efficient way of doing it until I found this one.

1. Let’s say we have a table called ‘users’ and it has two columns: id, name. This is our table: Learn More

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