SocialEngine 4: FIX Upload Failed: Server Returned HTTP-Status #302

Are you getting HTTP STATUS 302 ERROR??

If so here is a quick fix for that. Learn More

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[WHMCS] Automate Currency Conversion

If you have a product and offer multiple currencies it can become a hassle to manually keep up to date with currency conversion rates and getting the new prices updated. In WHMCS you can automate this process using the automated currency conversion updater feature.

  1. Login your admin control panel of WHMCS Learn More
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How to Create Friendly Links in Dolphin 7.1

Hello and welcome! In today’s blog I’ll show you how to create “friendly links” or “permalinks” as they are also known.

By using Apache mod_rewrite, an .htaccess file and the Dolphin permalink function we can turn this: Learn More

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