OpenCart – Create Admin Overview Reports

If someone is looking at the Total Sales and Total Sales By Year, one would be led to think that it included the total figure which the store had earned, but this isn’t so. It returns the value of all the orders regardless of what the order status is. Simply put, this Total Sales figure actually shows the total from sales which have been completed successfully AND all those which were cancelled, returned, refunded or voided which means the total figure actually isn’t representative of what the store has earned! Learn More

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SEO Related Modules for Drupal

Out of the box Drupal creates a standards complaint website. Ideally a website should provide as much information possible about its’ content. As web developers we typically do this by: Learn More

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Zurmo – Creating a New Contact

You’ve come across a new business “Contact” and want to document the details in Zurmo so you can record all of the information you have on the new “Contact”. Zurmo makes it very easy to navigate establishing a new “Contact”. Let’s get started!

The first step is to make sure you are on your Zurmo Dashboard. By selecting the “Home” button you will be situated on your Zurmo Dashboard. Learn More

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