[WHMCS] Remove IP Ban

Recently on a new WHMCS installation I found myself IP banned thanks to not having my IP address whitelisted and failing to remember my password after 3 unsuccessful attempts. This article will guide you on how to remove yourself from being IP banned in the core software of your hosting company. Learn More

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Purging of Content in Alfresco

In my previous post we get idea about content lifecycle within Alfresco. Now when alfresco instance used for long time means for many years there are various contents uploaded and deleted and as we have seen in the content lifecycle post that orphan contents are always there in the alfresco filesystem so ultimately it will increase the size of that file system become mammoth and will be difficult to handle. Learn More

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Front-End Themes in Textpattern

As you learn how Textpattern CMS works, you’ll get a better understanding of how the public-facing front-end of your website can be customised to your own liking. This process of customising might involve simply poking around a little with the default Textpattern theme and making minor presentational tweaks, perhaps downloading and applying a completely different Textpattern theme, porting a theme from another CMS or CSS framework to be Textpattern-friendly or building one from scratch yourself. Learn More

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