An Overview of Galleries in ocPortal Part 1

view gallery image in mocPortalLike many other key elements of popular websites, ocPortal Galleries are included as a core feature of the CMS. The Gallery in ocPortal supports both Images and Videos.

The Gallery system supports most popular image formats, and if your server supports transcoding, any image format can be converted. As well as the popular image formats, ocPortal also has support for a range of video formats too including ram, wmv, avi, mov & mp4 and again it can convert other types by using transcoding. Learn More

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CSV Import for Oxwall

While Oxwall 1.6 development is humming along nicely, we never stop making other, less noticed but very useful things for the community. Earlier we released a CSV user data import plugin. Here it goes: Learn More

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Integrating Google Fonts in Elgg

Current elgg fonts are standard and make the site feel somehow old. In this article I will give you a step by step guide on how to integrate Google Fonts in elgg

1. Download the Google Fonts Plugin

2. Then unzip the file inside the mod folder of your elgg installation. Learn More

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