[WHMCS] Google Checkout Process Payments in Multiple Currencies

Google Checkout is known to not support multiple currencies. If you are a UK based seller selling in USD this can become a problem, though a little hidden feature in WHMCS can solve this by processing payments in your Google Checkout accounts currency. Learn More

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How to Create Events with JEvents in Joomla

JEvents is an extension that lets you manage any event created by you or anyone within Joomla. In this article I will give you a step-by-step guide on how to create events with JEvents in Joomla.

1. Download JEvents Extension here Learn More

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How to Close or Open Your ocPortal Website

Whether your site is new and you want to close it while you are creating it, or you want to close your site while performing maintenance or completing a site redesign. You may want to open your site after either of these tasks. You may also want to set bandwidth or user limits on your site.

The first part of the process is exactly the same whichever of these tasks you want to perform. These are: Learn More

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