Use reCaptcha in an HTTPS Clip-Bucket v2 Installation


Today you will learn how to be able to use the reCaptcha plugin when you have an SSL certificate (your URL starts with https://). If you have just installed the SSL Certificate, you can notice that several features of your site will stop working due to them being non-secured (connecting to non https websites). Follow this article’s instructions only if your site has SSL.

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An Overview of Galleries in ocPortal Part 2

manage galleriesThis is part 2 of an overview of the Gallery system within ocPortal and covers managing and displaying your galleries on your ocPortal website. Part 1 covered a general overview of the features which are included within the ocPortal Gallery system. If you have not read part 1 I would recommend reading that before reading part 2.

Managing your gallery in ocPortal Learn More

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