How to Change the Favicon in Joomla 2.5

In this tutorial, we will change the default favicon.
What is a favicon?
Is a small image associated with a page or website in particular? The graphical browsers typically display the favicon of the page visited. Thus, any image of an appropriate size (16 × 16 pixels or more) can be used, and although many still use them. ICO, other browsers now also support animated image formats GIF and PNG. Learn More

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How to Add Website Previews in Elgg 1.8

Posting URL in The Wire was very basic and simple. There was no preview of the link posted and the styling was pretty plane. For me, website previews in The Wire was a feature that elgg users needed. Since no one made one, I decided to develop one. In this article I will give a step by step guide on how to add website previews in The Wire for elgg 1.8

1. Download the community plugin SW Wire Links Pro for Elgg 1.8 here Learn More

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How to Retrieve Users’ IP Address with PHP


In a website I was making, I had a rating system in which votes were by unique IP address. It was very easy to retrieve it, yet there are people that may not know so I share it with all of you. Learn More

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