How to Manage Statistics using cPanel

If you run a website then you should know about your visitors including IP address, browser details and etc. You can use these details to track down those visitors who are causing troubles.

CPanel control panel includes several tools such as Webalizer, AWstats to detect the presence of visitors. AWstats is one of the most popular tool which displays day, week, month and yearly statistics in a detailed manner. Learn More

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How to Get Started with Canada Post in TomatoCart

Canada Post, a leading shipping method is available at TomatoCart stores right now!

Download it from Extension Manager of
At that page, you could read about what it does, requirements, main features etc. This article tells how to install and configure Canada Post.

Installation Learn More

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How to Install TomatoCart onto Your Linux Server

First before anything, create a database, as TomatoCart requires a database in order to work.

Sign into cPanel, and then go to “Databases” in cPanel and create your database there. We have a Step by Step article on how you can add databases which can be found here:

To install TomatoCart, please read these steps. Learn More

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