Elgg 1.9: What to Expect?

Elgg 1.9 is going to be released in September. It is going to have better notifications. However what can we expect? Will plugins written for elgg 1.8 still works in elgg 1.9? Will you get support? In this article I will cover all those questions.

Elgg 1.9 will experience few changes. All themes written for elgg 1.8, which do not extend or modify the default notifications system.

Plugins are also going to be fully compatible with elgg 1.9 Tidypics for elgg 1.8 will remain compatible with elgg 1.9

Upgrading process will not require deleting folders this time. Instead, upgrade will be very easy. You are going to be able to upgrade using softaculous. This new upgrade, as well future, will be available in our servers to you to apply. Learn More

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nopCommerce Tips: How to Activate Google Analytics in Your nopCommerce Store

Tracking your site traffic is a key component in fine-tuning your nopCommerce website, your product offerings, and optimizing your sales. One of the very best free tools for this is Google Analytics. Thankfully, that’s natively supported by nopCommerce; here’s how to set it up.

We will begin with the prerequisite that you’ve already set up a Google Analytics account for this site. If you haven’t already done so, start here. Once you have your UA number generated, we’ll move on to updating our nopCommerce site.

In nopCommerce Administration, go to Configuration>Settings>All Settings. Under “Setting Name”, use the funnel icon to search for all settings that contain “analytics”. You’ll see the setting “googleanalyticssettings.googleid”, with a null ID. Edit this line, and enter your site’s proper UA ID, and save the value. Learn More

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How to Remove Flagged Users in Clip-Bucket v2


Nobody likes to have users disturbing and molesting other users in our site, therefore, today, I’ll show you how to remove the users that have been reported for misbehaving. Works for the whole Clip-Bucket v2 branch.

Difficulty level: Easy

1. Login to your admin_area (yoursite.tld/admin_area) Learn More

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