SocialEngine 4: Album Categories Widget

Little widget Album Categories

Click on each Category will be show only Albums from selected Category…if any
Don’t be bothered with long Category list, or long Category names – all is set, as you can see on pic 1 below.

Installation: Unpack .zip file into ../application/widgets folder Learn More

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nopCommerce Tips: Let Your Customers Filter Products by Color

It’s not uncommon for e-commerce sites to be centered around fashion; and of course, one of the main components of fashion is color. Quite often, your customers will want to search on fashion products based on color schemes, which can be more than a little problematic. Here’s how to solve your dilemma using nopCommerce.

First, we’ll go on the premise that you have a working nopCommerce-based site already set up, and products with descriptions already loaded and ready to go. Learn More

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