Working with Filters using cPanel

Filters enable you to perform a requested action depending upon your preferences.

(1) Login to cPanel

(2) Select Account Level Filtering option located on the Mail panel Learn More

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Use Stored Procedure Instead of Crystal Report Query

When building any application that has data entry you will quickly require reports. These reports can come in a variety of formats. They may be in a .csv, .pdf, .rdf, Reporting services, Crystal Reports and a multitude of other options. However; when generating a Crystal Report or a Reporting Service Report you can actually link tables together, prompt for parameters and sorting records all within the designer screen. This might work when you know that your requirements will never change, however; this is rarely the case. If you build all of this in Crystal Reports and then need to change the tables or parameters it is very challenging to accomplish without spending a lot of time. If you always get into a habit of creating a stored procedure for each report than you can pass the parameters into the stored procedure and take advantage of several key benefits. Learn More

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Hide the Article Author in Joomla 3.0

This article is about hiding author’s information in Joomla 3.0. By default, Joomla displays author information like this:


If you want to hide this information, follow these steps: Learn More

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