Sending Multipart- Form Using AJAX

As part of the continued articles on submitting Multi-part Form using Jquery and AJAX. I have attached the JavaScript part and the web.api part to a project that I have created. As I stated in the earlier articles on this subject. You can accomplish AJAX submission a lot easier if it wasn’t for the need to send a file. Assuming that you are targeting an audience that is using the latest browsers this will work. View the in-line comments for a better understanding. (If you need to target browsers that do not have FormData then check my other article out. (Using Non FormData browsers) Learn More

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Modify the Search Results Per Page in Clip-Bucket v2


Learn how to change the number of search results displayed per page in your CB powered website. Show more, show less, it’s up to you!

Learn More

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Zurmo – Updating User Information – Existing User

You’ve recently added a new staff member as a User in Zurmo and need to update information about the user in Zurmo.  Zurmo makes it very easy to navigate updating a user. Let’s get started!

The first step is to make sure you are on your Zurmo Dashboard. By selecting the “Home” button you will be situated on your Zurmo Dashboard. Learn More

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