Enabling Akismet’s Spam Prevention in phpFox

This article will show you how to enable the Akismet Spam Prevention for your phpFox website.

Akismet is a well-known tool to help prevent spam on your website.  In order to use Akismet on your phpFox site, you will first need to get an Akismet API key.

Go to https://akismet.com/signup/ and choose the plan you wish to sign up for.  Note that if you are running a commercial site, you will need to sign up for a paid plan. Learn More

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SocialEngine 4: Widget Column Width

Here a simple widget – Column Width Widget – with this widget you can set Columns Width regardless of your Layout, and/or theme columns width on each and every one page. Learn More

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Here Comes OxWall 1.6!

There won’t be Oxwall 1.5.4

… because there will be Oxwall 1.6.

Credit for the blog post goes to Emil of the oxwall development team.

Per our stated schedule, at this moment we should be preparing Oxwall 1.5.4 – a minor maintenance build with a few bugfixes. We decided to not release it and continue working on more important things. By skipping what can wait, we will not be distracted from what cannot wait at all – Oxwall 1.6. Learn More

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