WordPress – Allow Users to Edit their Comments

How many times you have felt the need to edit a comment you just left on a site? Maybe you want to correct a spelling or grammar error, or maybe you just regret saying something silly. It happens to all of us. Except most sites do not allow users to edit their comments once it is published. If you run an active site with a lot of comments, then you may have considered allowing users to edit their own comments. In this article, we will show you how to allow users to edit their comments in WordPress for a short period of time.

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Sending Multipart- Form Using AJAX

As part of the continued articles on submitting Multi-part Form using Jquery and AJAX. I have attached the JavaScript part and the web.api part to a project that I have created. As I stated in the earlier articles on this subject. You can accomplish AJAX submission a lot easier if it wasn’t for the need to send a file. Assuming that you are targeting an audience that is using the latest browsers this will work. View the in-line comments for a better understanding. (If you need to target browsers that do not have FormData then check my other article out. (Using Non FormData browsers) Learn More

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