Upload Large File for Download Products in TomatoCart

Some TomatoCart community user’s blame it is always failed to upload the large file for the download product in the admin panel:

When I try to upload any of them to the product listing it never completes. When I click save and continue or submit the please wait box pops up and shows the loading progress bar but the file never uploads and the uploading status box just keeps showing progress. at first I though maybe it would take some time since all the zips are around 120mb in size but I have left it bee and it has been 16 hours now and it should have completed by now.

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Versions and Concrete5 Pages

Find out how to use the built in versioning of Concrete5 CMS to compare design features or to return your page to its previous content on this screencast of Concrete5 Basics.

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Filter Email Domains in Elgg

One good reason for filtering emails is to stop spammers from creating an account on your elgg site. There are several known email domains that spammers heavily use. In this article I will give you a step by step guide on how to filter email domains in elgg Learn More

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