OpenCart – Using the json Object with Ajax

This is a simple tutorial that will show you how to set up a java script function that uses Ajax to contact a PHP CONTROL file, thus returning json data to echo the results on a TPL file (HTML). All throughout the Opencart framework this is happening and sometimes you will have need to write your own extension. In doing so, you will come across the need to use AJAX.

For this example we are going to do a simple HELLO WORLD echo. First, you need to write your javascript (with AJAX).  Since Opencart uses jQuery we will be using jquery style javascript. Jquery is not a scripting language. Rather, it’s a javascript library that makes great use of Javascript to produce rich applications. Learn More

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Creating a Basic ‘Page Type’ in the Silvestripe CMS

  1. Create a new file called ‘HomePage.php’ in your ‘mysite/code/ folder. This time HomePage.php: Learn More
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Understanding isfolder and hasChildren() in MODX Revolution

People are often confused by the difference between isfolder and hasChildren() in MODX Revolution. Understanding which one is which is important if you want to use them in your web pages.

isfolder is a resource field (which contains either a 0 or a 1), like pagetitle or content. In both MODX Evolution and Revolution, the isfolder field matches the “Container” checkbox on the Create/Edit Resource panel. It contains a 1 if the “Container” checkbox is checked and a 0 if it is not checked. Learn More

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