Add a Survey to an ocPortal Website

Adding a survey to ocPortalSurveys make up an important part of many website types. They can be used to obtain feedback and information from your community members. A business can get important feedback from their clients and customers. Businesses can ask questions which the information may go some way to determining the direction of the business. Learn More

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Manage DNS Records using cPanel

You need to edit DNS records if you want to make any modifications to the IP address pointing to your site, email. You can also control SPAM messages by adding a SPF record. Learn More

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Remove Limits of Number of Variants per Product in TomatoCart

One community user report that it is impossible to save a product with a large number of variants. There are more than 1000 variants for each product in his store. When he try to save the product, the “please wait” will display for hours. Learn More

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