WordPress – 301 Redirects

When running a website, you might find a need to redirect users from one post or page to another. For example, redirecting users from an old article to a recent version, or redirecting users to a retraction page, or sending them to a newer product page, etc. Redirecting users from an existing page to another has SEO implications that could affect your website’s performance on search engines. In this article, we will show you how to do 301 redirects in WordPress with Quick Page/Post Redirect.

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Installing BlogEngine.NET

BlogEngine.NET is one of the popular blogging software used by majority of .NET developers for creation of their blogs. It works by saving content such as posts and pages as an XML file. However, content can also be saved inside databases by making a modification inside web.config file.

Follow the steps given below to install BlogEngine.NET Learn More

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Clearing Local Level Cache


Sometimes it is necessary to clear your local cache (not the same as your browser’s cache) to clear up errors: Learn More

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