Replication Jobs in Alfresco

     In some of the Alfresco implementation customer has adopted the architecture where they have separate content authoring environment and content serving environment or there is a requirement where contents need to be replicated in multiple servers to provide high availability.

     Replication job is a feature in Alfresco that allows you to control the replication of content between different Alfresco repositories. A replication job specifies the content to be replicated; the day and time the job is to be performed; and the target location for the replicated content. Learn More

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OpenCart – Setting Up the Slideshow

At times, if not most of the time the default Slideshow that comes with Opencart will not work for your custom store. Really, it’s just there for an example. A hot topic on the Opencart forums in the past and still today is just how to set up your own slides within your own custom size settings. This article will go over the basic principles of the slideshow module to give you a better understanding.

First, when you download the Opencart and install it for the first time and go to the home page you will see the following slideshow: Learn More

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How to Easily Replace the Favicon in Elgg 1.8

A Favicon is a small image that is displayed next to an URL in your web browser’s address bar. A favicon is important for branding and also for styling purposes. In this article I will show you How to easily replace the favicon in elgg 1.8

1. First, download the MyFavicon for Elgg 1.8 plugin here

2. Unzip the plugin in the mod folder of elgg. If you don’t know how to do that, please read this article.

3. Sign in to your Elgg network as an Administrator. On the Admin Dashboard sidebar menu, go to menu “Configure > Plugins”: Learn More

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