Move OpenCart Installation from Sub Folder to Domain

OpenCart – one of the commonly used open source PHP shopping cart software. This can be easily installed on your domain from your cPanel using Softaculous script installer. Today I am going to give you one by one easy steps to move your OpenCart Store installed on one directory to another directory on your domain. For eg:- to Learn More

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Working with User Level Filters using cPanel

In the previous article, I mentioned the steps required for account level filtering of emails. In this post, you will learn about the application of filters for each individual email.

(1) Login to cPanel Learn More

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Storing Images in Database vs Folders

When storing images to use on a web site there are two directions you can take. You can store the images in a folder or store the images in a table. The decision on which way to use is not always cut and dry but I will provide an overview of the advantages and disadvantages on using both ways.


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