Managing Notifications with 6Scan

In the dashboard of your 6Scan control panel, you can manage notifications for 6Scan.

Once logged into your cPanel, click on the 6Scan icon under the Security section of the cPanel. Once there, click on ‘Dashboard’, and then the settings tab. Finally, click on the notifications tab.


Notifications are managed for each domain that 6Scan is enabled for. You have the following self explanatory notification options.

  1. Email me when new vulnerabilities are found on my site
  2. Email me a weekly report
  3. Send me an SMS when new vulnerabilities are found on my site

That’s it, easy right?

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How to Add Hooks to Prestashop 1.5 (the new way)

Prestashop 1.5 introduced a new way to add hooks, which doesn’t involve overrides or database queries. Unfortunately, it’s not yet been documented in the official Docs, so let’s see how to take advantage of it!

Learn More

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How to Optimize Your Database Tables in phpFox

This article will focus on optimizing your database tables within your phpFox AdminCP.

Periodically you will want to optimize your database tables, reducing the size of the database by cleaning out unnecessary “empty” space.  You can do this in a couple different ways, but we will focus on using the tools available in your phpFox AdminCP.

As always, before you make any major changes or do any maintenance to your site, it is advised that you backup your site files and/or database.

Login to your admincp and select Tools > SQL > Maintenance. Learn More

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