Simple Site-Wide Status Message to All Visitors

There are many modules to customize status messages on a Drupal website. Such messages could inform your users of scheduled maintenance downtime or other relevant notices you want any user to see when they visit your website. I suggest you consult this community comparison on drupal status message modules.

If these are too heavyweight for you there is a very simple solution. In your theme’s template.php file add the following line of code anywhere in YOURTHEME/template.php: Learn More

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Basic Silverstripe 3.0 Modules Any Site Uses

Here are some basic modules for any site!

Gallery 3.0

Requirements: Learn More

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Twitter New API and Elgg

Twitter is now retiring their 1.0 API, and it is taking more control of how their content is being displayed in websites and CMS like elgg. Some changes have been done to elgg, and in this article I will describe the changes and alternatives for this API Change made by Twitter. Learn More

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