OpenCart – Creating Your Own Extension

Perhaps you have been digging around your Open Cart installation and have decided that you want to brave the waters to make your own extension, or perhaps you just cannot afford the money to purchase an existing extension from the store; this article will go over the basics to developing an extension and will attempt to simplify the process. Before we begin, it helps to know the basics of an MVC-L (MODEL VIEW CONTROL LANGUAGE) framework and we recommend reading this article before continuing. Learn More

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How to Edit a Template from Joomla 2.5 Control Panel

This article is useful for troubleshooting stylesheets, labels the homepage, browser compatibility errors. Without going to the File Manager, you can edit the template files from our control panel. Joomla 2.5 includes a built in editor of template files, very good and easy when you need to make a quick change.

  1. Sign into your Joomla site as an Administrator. Learn More
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Silverstripe _config.php Cheatsheet

Here are some of most used lines in _config.php: Learn More

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