nopCommerce Tips: Review of nopDroid, nopCommerce Manager for Android

We have a tremendously talented nopCommerce community, many of whom create some impressive add-ons to extend the capabilities of this powerful e-commerce product. Today, we’ll review the nopDroid add-on by JF Softdev, the nopCommerce manager for Android.

Let’s start with the basics; first, download the proper version of the nopDroidConnector for your nopCommerce instance. Unzip the folder, and extract the Misc.NopDroid folder. Drop the folder and contents into your Plugins folder on your nopCommerce site, or under your Nop.Web/Plugins folder in your Visual Studio solution. Learn More

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How to Make JS Code Execute After the Page has Finished Rendering (Website Optimization)


When I’m creating a website, I try to make it load as fast as possible. I have read lots of techniques on how to achieve this, and the one that is effortless and free to make it, is having JS code run after the DOM is ready.

1. Open the file where your JS code resides. For this article, I will have the following code between my <head> tags: Learn More

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mojoPortal Tips: mojoPortal International Resources

Even though the primary architect of mojoPortal is a native English speaker, there are definitely resources available for users and developers who are more comfortable communicating in other languages – let’s cover the options that are currently available.

Dedicated Communities Learn More

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