Installing MyBB via Softaculous

MyBB is a leading free forum software which powers thousands and thousands of online communities including some of the most popular forums on the internet. Though for someone with less experience it is common to have support queries about how to install such applications. With Arvixe every cPanel hosting account can automatically install MyBB though the Softaculous application in your cPanel control panel.

To install MyBB via Softaculous: Learn More

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Send E-mail using ASP.NET 4.5

If you build a large site then you will be required to provide a facility for the users to contact the relevant department or web master through online form. This is the best way to prevent spam messages as users will not know the real e-mail id.

The whole process of sending emails from an ASP.NET form has been simplified with the release of .NET Framework 4.5.

Look at the below figure where I added few Textbox controls Learn More

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xPDOObject versus xPDOSimpleObject for MODX

When you create a custom object class that will be stored in a database table in MODX, one of your first decisions is whether to have it extend xPDOObject or xPDOSimpleObject (or one of the accessible object classes, which we’ll get to in a bit).

One of the confusing things about xPDOObject and xPDOSimpleObject is that, of the two, an xPDOObject is simpler.

xPDOObject Learn More

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