Sending Email Newsletters in ocPortal Part 2

Periodic newsletter in ocPortalThis is part 2 of how to send an email newsletter through the ocPortal system. This part deals with the automated content creation for your email newsletters. Part one dealt with building a custom email with fresh content to send to your website members and this post deals with importing the content which you have already added to your ocPortal website. If you have not read part one yet, I recommend reading that part first.

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Dynamic Content Models in Alfresco

In previous few articles like content modeling in Alfresco I have explained about content models in alfresco now there is one great feature in alfresco which enables you to create and use Content model on the fly without Restarting server.

Location of Dynamic custom models: Company Home -> Data Dictionary -> Models. The associated message resource bundles Location: Company Home -> Data Dictionary -> Messages

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The State of Oxwall 1.6

Oxwall is deep in design and development, we make a lot of iterations to finally deliver the best result. This forces us to change plans because we always prefer quality to speed. That way we can deliver the results that you’ve come to expect from Oxwall.

This piece of news may disappoint somebody, but it’s all about not disappointing you with the product.

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