Getting the Actual Dimensions of an Uploaded Image

Suppose you allow images to be uploaded on your site but they must be of a certain size or maybe you want to resize the image as a percent of the original size. The hurdle by doing it in javascript or jquery is that you have to wait until it is completely loaded or you will get zeros as its dimension. Secondly using Javascript to get the image will give you the image size of the container it is in. So if you create a place holder then you cannot use width or size on the image or the result will be that image container. In other words something like this… Learn More

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Manage Your Database with SSMS 2012


In order to manage sql databases on ASP servers, first we will need to install SQL Management studio.

1) Download the correct version:

Learn More

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Zurmo – Using the Kanban Board

What is the Kanban Board in Zurmo and how do I use it? A Kanban board is one of the most popular tools for boosting productivity and are gaining popularity in large and small companies. The reason for this is that it is so easy and efficient to use. Let’s look at an example!

For the purposes of this post we will assume there are multiple items listed under the Opportunities module on the Zurmo Dashboard. Learn More

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