Jquery and SEO Implications

Using Jquery, JavaScript, and other scripting languages seems like a natural choice when developing a web site — or is it? If you are like me than you have read all about the benefits of using such scripting languages when developing a site. There is the quick loading, minimal bandwidth, and more “natural” interaction. These are all great reasons to consider using scripting language but there is a dark side. This dark side is a result of what I will call the “spider effect”. The spider effect is that most site crawlers or search engine sites do not do a good job when it comes to “interpreting” scripting languages. In fact, some of them actually leave out the entire script. Let me show you an example: Learn More

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Adding Brand Logos to Prestashop Manufacturers/Suppliers Blocks

In this quick tip we will see how to add brand logos to both the manufacturer and supplier block in Prestashop

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Enhanced Inbox for Elgg

Elgg private message system is pretty simple. You can send messages to and receive, everything is standard, even for message reading. This feature is not bad but it is not the best, especially for your users who might find it archaic. In this article I will give you a step by step guide on how to enhance inbox and user to user messaging in elgg 1.8 Learn More

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