Better Elgg Management

Westors Elgg Manager is a great plugin and easy to use. It is extremely useful for elgg webmasters. This tool implements an elegant solution to manage users, friends, external contacts, groups and messages. In this article I will give you a step by step guide on how to improve elgg management. Learn More

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Create Comma Separated List in SQL Server

Assume for a minute that you have a table with records that you want to quickly put into a comma separated file (fig. 1). You don’t want to create a Microsoft Integrated Service package like this. Rather you just need something quick. There is a really cool way to do this directly in a select statement in SQL 2005 and greater. It is called STUFF (you can read about it here). Learn More

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Writing your First Post using BlogEngine

In order to write a new blog post using BlogEngine, you should follow the steps given below

  1. Login to BlogEngine dashboard
  2. Select Posts option from the top toolbar
  3. You will view a new dashboard with the title Posts Learn More
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