Set Up the Activity Feed Addon in ocPortal

main activitiesThe activity feed addon for ocPortal is designed for you to be able to display a list of all the activities which are happening on your site.  There are a number of configurable options for this block and it can be used to display a range of activities configured and limited to all activities or those from specific members.

There is also an option to add an update your status block which works the same way most social networks status systems work.  It’s a fairly straight forward process to be able to set up this addon. This process is detailed below. Learn More

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Web Services API in Elgg

Elgg provides a powerful framework for building web services. This allows developers to expose functionality to other web sites and desktop applications along with doing integrations with third-party web applications. In this article I will give you a step by step guide on how to enable Elgg’s web services API in elgg. Learn More

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Show More Products in the Prestashop Specials Module

In today’s tutorial we will see how to display more discounted products in the Prestashop Specials Block module, by using a native function the software already provides.

Download Project files

  • Version used: Prestashop 1.5.6

Introduction Learn More

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