Zurmo – Using the Kanban Board

What is the Kanban Board in Zurmo and how do I use it? A Kanban board is one of the most popular tools for boosting productivity and are gaining popularity in large and small companies. The reason for this is that it is so easy and efficient to use. Let’s look at an example!

For the purposes of this post we will assume there are multiple items listed under the Opportunities module on the Zurmo Dashboard. Learn More

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Set Up a Workflow in ocPortal

new workflowFor larger enterprises and companies the ability to have multiple levels of sign off for website content. Currently the addon only affects galleries but changes can be made by a programmer to allow it to be used for all content types.

Learn More

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Working with Widgets in BlogEngine.NET

Widgets are tiny piece of modules with unique functionality. They are typically placed on the left, right or both sides of the blog.

In order to work with BlogEngine, you should follow the steps given below

1) Login to BlogEngine dashboard Learn More

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