Add the Quantity Field into the Products Listing of TomatoCart

In the product listing page of TomatoCart, there isn’t an input field to let the customers enter the quantities. So, the customer couldn’t buy several products by clicking the quick buy now button.  He must go to the product info page and then enter the quantities in it. This article is wrote to tell you how to add the quantity field into the products listing.

Step 1. Download the from Learn More

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Share the Music you Listen to in ocPortal

most played 12The Last Fm addon is one I find very useful on my website. As a music fan I like to share the music I have been listening to recently and over the last year. The Last FM block allows me to do this.

To install this addon you need to: Learn More

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Getting to Know the Textpattern Presentation Tab

In my last post I introduced you to some of the specifics of the Textpattern CMS administration interface on the Content tab. Today it’s the turn of the Presentation tab. The Presentation tab is accessed via the administration interface and it controls various aspects of how your site looks and feels, including: Learn More

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