Drupal7 – Where Can Modules Live?

Modules can live in many places. If you use Apple’s OSX it’s a lot like where Applications and Fonts can live in OSX, or how configuration can be per-user under Windows home user directories.

Modules can live at: Learn More

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Statistics Module in Joomla 3

The Statistics Module shows information about your server installation together with statistics on the Web site users, number of Articles in your database and the number of Web links you provide. In this article I explain how to use Statistics Module in Joomla 3.

Learn More

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Add the Quantity Field into the Products Listing of TomatoCart

In the product listing page of TomatoCart, there isn’t an input field to let the customers enter the quantities. So, the customer couldn’t buy several products by clicking the quick buy now button.  He must go to the product info page and then enter the quantities in it. This article is wrote to tell you how to add the quantity field into the products listing.

Step 1. Download the listing_qty.zip from Learn More

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