Add Author Profiles to your MODX Blog Articles

If you have a MODX Articles blog, the default action if you click on the author of an article is to show you other articles by that author. What if you’d rather have it link to an author bio page (or have both a link to more of the author’s articles *and* an author bio page link)?

Here’s a relatively easy way for you to provide an author bio link for each article. The trick is to either create a bio page for each author named with the author’s ID, or create a single page to show the bio for any user with a snippet and send the author’s ID to that snippet. Learn More

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Discussion Node Structure in Alfresco

Discussion Node Structure in Alfresco

We have seen how discussion feature is supported in Alfresco share in my previous post Discussion in Alfresco .

Under lying node structure of discussion is something like this Learn More

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[WHMCS] Advanced PayPal Integration

For the “normal” PayPal service, WHMCS offers 2 levels of integration, the simple one of automatically marking your invoices as paid but also a little extra feature enabling you to see your PayPal balance in your admin area dashboard, able to look up transactions via transaction IDs & automatically process refunds at the push of a button. Learn More

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