Configure the News Display in ocPortal

I’ve answered a few queries recently about changing the makeup and configuration of the news block within ocPortal and I thought this would be good subject to cover in a little more depth. I want to cover some of the simple configure options of the Main_news block in ocPortal

The Main News Block Learn More

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Oxwall 1.6 Goes Live January 8, Beta Today

Oxwall community is a patient bunch; That’s a hard fact, which we really appreciate, and have something to show you in return. Oxwall 1.6 has finally taken shape for a beta release, and I’m glad to give you a sneak peek of what our team has built.

New Theme: München Learn More

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Can a Drupal7 Module Use hook_update_n Instead of hook_install?

Recently I was asked if a module could use hook_update_n and not need to implement hook_install. The developer wanted to alter existing SQL tables accessible by Drupal using the Drupal database API.

Drupal Hooks allow your module(s) and theme(s) to interact with the Drupal system. There is essentially no requirement that X hooks must be enabled by default by any drupal module. Learn More

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