Can a Drupal7 Module Use hook_update_n Instead of hook_install?

Recently I was asked if a module could use hook_update_n and not need to implement hook_install. The developer wanted to alter existing SQL tables accessible by Drupal using the Drupal database API.

Drupal Hooks allow your module(s) and theme(s) to interact with the Drupal system. There is essentially no requirement that X hooks must be enabled by default by any drupal module. Learn More

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Block Right-Clicking in Clip-Bucket v2


Have you seen some websites blocking mouse right clicks? They do it to block certain content from being either downloaded or shared (can be still downloaded, though). Learn how to do it in your Clip-Bucket v2 powered website by following these simple instructions. Cross-browser.

Learn More

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Installing Joomla in Another Language with Web App Gallery

I came across a user that has a WebsitePanel hosting account and he was wondering to install Joomla with Web App Gallery but not in English. This can be done and in few steps, and that’s why in this article I will give you a step by step guide on how to install Joomla in another language with Web App Gallery. Learn More

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