Remove Site from Advanced Website Statistics

Advanced Website Statistics is an application that comes with WebsitePanel and it allows you to see the statistics of your website. If you remove a website from your hosting account or don’t want to get statistics from a given you can remove it very easily. In this article I will explain how to remove site from Advanced Website Statistics in WebsitePanel. Learn More

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Sort Prestashop Features by Name

In this quick tip, we will see how to order Prestashop Features by name automatically, without having to manually adjust their position every time!

Learn More

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Introducing Textpattern Tags

Textpattern CMS has an in-built tag system which can be used to output things from the Textpattern database. The default front-end theme page includes some tags in its markup that are great examples of these. I’ll use a snippet of text from the HTML body to demonstrate: Learn More

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