Installing and Using a Textpattern Plugin

Textpattern CMS

has the capability to have its functions extended by applying plugins. These plugins are typically made available for download and are applied to Textpattern via the administration panel. In this post, I’m going to show you how to install and use a Textpattern plugin. Learn More

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Display the 640×480 Video Thumb in Clip-Bucket v2


Like a week ago, somebody in the Arvixe Forum ( asked how to display the 640×480 video thumb. I believe this is something that more people are wondering, so I’ll share all of you here. Tested under v2.6.

Learn More

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Remove Site from Advanced Website Statistics

Advanced Website Statistics is an application that comes with WebsitePanel and it allows you to see the statistics of your website. If you remove a website from your hosting account or don’t want to get statistics from a given you can remove it very easily. In this article I will explain how to remove site from Advanced Website Statistics in WebsitePanel. Learn More

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