Introducing Textpattern Tags

Textpattern CMS has an in-built tag system which can be used to output things from the Textpattern database. The default front-end theme page includes some tags in its markup that are great examples of these. I’ll use a snippet of text from the HTML body to demonstrate: Learn More

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Configure the News Display in ocPortal

I’ve answered a few queries recently about changing the makeup and configuration of the news block within ocPortal and I thought this would be good subject to cover in a little more depth. I want to cover some of the simple configure options of the Main_news block in ocPortal

The Main News Block Learn More

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Oxwall 1.6 Goes Live January 8, Beta Today

Oxwall community is a patient bunch; That’s a hard fact, which we really appreciate, and have something to show you in return. Oxwall 1.6 has finally taken shape for a beta release, and I’m glad to give you a sneak peek of what our team has built.

New Theme: München Learn More

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