Why Do I Use Classic Theme in Textpattern?

I’ve had some really valuable feedback on my Textpattern CMS posts on the Arvixe blog so far, a few of which have made me think about the way these articles are written. One question that has been raised by more than one person (thanks, Mantesh and Ricardo) is how I use the Classic administration theme in my screenshots rather than the more modern Hive theme. This is a great question, and one which I’ll cover in this post. Learn More

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Force Users Online – Oxwall Plugin Review

This video will give you a quick plugin review for Force Users Online! Learn More

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Elgg and Code Testing

Elgg is a very extendable social networking engine. Most of the enhancements are done via plugins, which are freely available at the elgg community. Other enhancements are done by just adding code to the elgg core, which is not recommended. In this article I will talk about the proper way to test code and new plugins in elgg. Learn More

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