Bootstrapping Data in Alfresco

In various huge alfresco implementations generally we need to change lots out of box things in order to make it suitable for client’s environment. For instance each and every client wants to have their own directory structure which is based on some organizational hierarchy. So, we end up have so many onetime configuration which we needs to repeat each time we create new Alfresco instance. Each time we needs to create same folder structure, same set of rules after creating new instance which is tedious job. For large development project this needs to be replicated in every developer’s machine as well within development instance. Learn More

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WordPress: Display a Random Comment from a Post? (For Advance WP Users)

If you want to include a random comment from one of your posts you can use the following code in your theme: Learn More

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Adding a White Board to your Dolphin 7.1.4 Website

Hello and welcome! In today’s blog I’ll show you how to use the “White Board” module that is included with your Dolphin 7.1.4 website. Before we begin we need to install the “Whiteboard” module. A step by step guide on installing the Dolphin 7.1.4 base modules can be found here.

Once we have the module installed we can access it by clicking “Boards” on the main menu bar of the site. White boards in Dolphin 7.1.4 are created and modified from the user side of the website and not from the admin. Learn More

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