Moderate Forum Topics in phpBB

Hello everyone!

Today I am going to talk about how to moderate a phpBB forum topic.

First, go ahead and log into your forum and go to the board index page.

NOTE: I assume that you are an Administrator or that you have moderation privileges. Learn More

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Apply an Administration Theme in Textpattern

I previously talked about the theming aspects of Textpattern CMS and how you can change the look-and-feel of both the administration panel and front-end interface. Textpattern comes with 3 administration themes out of the box: Classic, Hive and Remora. My personal favorite of the three is Classic because that’s what I’m used to. The Hive theme is designed to be responsive, intuitive and mobile-friendly, and it’s likely that one day I’ll start to use that instead. What I’m going to show you in this post is how to add another theme to the administration interface if none of the three are right for you. Learn More

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Protect your Blogs from SPAM

How to Protect Your Blogger Blog from Spam Comments and Spam Traffic

When your blog is subjected to spam comments and spam traffic, its performance greatly reduces. It is also possible that Google may kick it out from the ranking competition when it is harmed or invaded by spam comments. The spam spiders and bots keep crawling your blog all the time and as a result, its load time dramatically increases. So it is extremely important that you must take effective steps to protect your blog from spam attack by stopping spam comments and traffic flow which is mostly caused by your own mistakes.
From Where Spam Traffic Comes? Learn More
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