Configure Spambot Settings in phpBB

Hello once again!

Today I will be discussing how to set up Spambot settings in phpBB

I am assuming you know how to log into your Admin panel in phpBB.

From there on the left hand menu we will be clicking on Spambot Countermeasures: Learn More

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Apply a Textpattern Front-End Template

The last article I wrote here was a tutorial of how to apply an admin-side theme to Textpattern CMS. If you want to change the front-end appearance of your Textpattern-powered Arvixe website, the approach is somewhat different. There is much more control and granularity over what your front-of-house operations can look like. Depending on your background and experience with content management systems generally, you may want to use a pre-made Textpattern theme in place of building your own, either from scratch or around a framework like Foundation or Bootstrap. Learn More

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Comparing SQL Databases for Differences in Objects

Like the real world, development practices keep changing so when I find development code that can make my life easier I want to save it for future use. In this article I want to show you how you can compare any object in SQL to another database object. I use this to simply compare the date modified between our Production and Test database. You can use this for a multitude of different purposes. But you get the idea. Once you get this you could actually then add filters to only show differences. Learn More

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