Ping your Blog with BlogEngine.NET

Pinging is one of the important factor which you should consider while running a blog. It is nothing but announcing the addition of each blog post to the relevant services so that your content will be quickly visible on the search engines.

BlogEngine administrator dashboard enables you to add ping services depending upon your requirements.

(1) Login to dashboard Learn More

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What is Joomla Framework?

Picture 1

Joomla! Framework is a new collection of software that will help developers to write web and command lines in PHP. In this article I will give you an insight of Joomla! Framework. Learn More

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How JavaScript Works in MODX

If you already understand the difference between server-side operations like PHP, and client-side JavaScript in MODX, this article is *not* for you.

People new to JavaScript (JS for short), even if they are experienced PHP coders, are often confused about the relationship between server-side operations and client-side Javascript. StackOverflow is full of questions about how to call PHP functions from JavaScript or how call PHP functions in Javascript. The responses are often terse, and sometimes insulting.

I used PHP for some time and occasionally threw in some JavaScript code I copied from somewhere before I really understood fundamental difference between the two. Learn More

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