CIFS Support in Alfresco

For any CMS it is very important that it should provide various ways to enable user to access contents which are stored in CMS. Alfresco provide various such protocols like CIFS (Common Internet File System), FTP (File Transfer Protocol), NTFS (New Technology File System) with this protocols it facilitates users to mount alfresco space as their local storage drives which will help users to access them more conveniently.

What is CIFS? Learn More

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Create Your Own Social Networking Website

If you share a common hobby or interest with other people on the Internet, or you need to collaborate with a large group of researchers or colleagues from different locations, you may want to create your own social networking website.

How to Create Your Own Social Networking Website Learn More

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Manage Download Files in Joomla 3

What if you want to share small files (such as manuals or documents) with your visitors? Joomla does not provide this out of the box, however there is a tool that does this very simple and without hassle. In this article I will give you a step-by-step guide on how to manage files in Joomla. Learn More

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