Defending Against the WordPress Brute Force Flood

There has been a massive distributed brute force attack being launched the past few days against every WordPress based website at every hosting provider in the world.

Well over 150,000 different IP addresses are currently attempting to gain access to the admin user’s password in every WordPress site.  By default, WordPress cannot protect itself against this type of attack, but you can protect yourself by following the tips in this email.

Here are the most important ones: Learn More

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Prestashop 101 Day 13 – Prestashop CMS

In this video, we will have a quick overview of the possibilities the Prestashop CMS package grants us, and try to create a blog-like structure in our store.

Running time: 10 mins
Prestashop version:

Download project files here Learn More

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How to Manage Statistics using cPanel

If you run a website then you should know about your visitors including IP address, browser details and etc. You can use these details to track down those visitors who are causing troubles.

CPanel control panel includes several tools such as Webalizer, AWstats to detect the presence of visitors. AWstats is one of the most popular tool which displays day, week, month and yearly statistics in a detailed manner. Learn More

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