[WHMCS] Charge Per Operator

Sometimes (especially in the gaming industry) you need to charge per operator instead of per package. In WHMCS this can be achieved using the “Configurable Options” section in the WHMCS admin area. An example usage of this is if you sell game servers via WHMCS and charge per “seat”, or a voice server again charging per “seat”.

Step 1: Create a package Learn More

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Very Easy and Low Budget Ways To Promote Affiliate Products Everyday!

I am going to go over some really easy and low budget ways to promote your websites or affiliate products on a daily basis. It’s just human instinct to want something for nothing. Learn More

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Webscripts in Alfresco

For any CMS it is very critical that it provide various ways for other application to interact with its repository at the same it should also secure its repository from the illegal access or intruders. Alfresco architects have always kept this point in mind and because of it Alfresco score much more in this area the other proprietary CMS competitors.

Alfresco gives you the choice to use either Web Scripts or the traditional, SOAP-based, Web Services. Learn More

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