Drupal – Drush Make Global Defaults

I’m a big fan of Drush and its bundled feature Drush Make. Drush Make used to be its own project separate from Drush — for some time now it has been included into Drush core.

When using Drush make there are default options set by drush when you run certain commands. Typically the default option is fine for the command you are running. For instance the default location when using `drush download MODULE_NAME` is to download the module to your /sites/all/modules directory of your Drupal installation. Learn More

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Things to Consider when Theming with Textpattern

My current set of blog posts have had focused on the presentational aspects of the Textpattern CMS front-end and admin-side, specifically the application of an existing theme or template. In my research for these posts, I was reminded of some of the challenges that Textpattern users have when deciding on the look-and-feel of their websites. The main Textpattern CMS theme repository is Textgarden, a community-driven site with numerous pre-rolled templates for Textpattern. The current state of Textgarden is that it’s alive and operational, but hasn’t had much in the way of new content over the last year or two. Learn More

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Happy New Year: Ten Coolest Oxwall Plugins of 2013

Happy coming New Year!  We here at Oxwall Foundation are excited about the coming year and the opportunities ahead. 2014 is going to be a year with a lot of big announcements! As we are wrapping up 2013, let us take a look at the list of 10 interesting plugins developed this year. Learn More

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