How to Query by Using “WHERE” Clause in Oxwall

OxWall How to Query using “WHERE” clause

OK, so in the OxWall Developer Plugin Crash Course it’s pretty easy to get how you can query a table and get the result based on a particular ID. What if you want to get the results where a particular column say “user_id” = 2 in table “user_entries”? Learn More

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Using HTTPS in Clip-Bucket


Learn how to enable HTTPS on your Clip-Bucket powered website by following this super easy guide. Works for any CB branch. Remember you must have an SSL Certificate installed for this to work.

Learn More

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Starting Idle Tasks in WebsitePanel

Scheduled Tasks is a built in feature in WebsitePanel that allows you to run certain tasks (backup, send emails, send zip files) at a given time that can be set daily, weekly, monthly or once. In this article, I will show you how to run an idle task again without re-scheduling it again. Learn More

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